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​​Squadra Ventures is a venture capital firm led by founder-operators that invests in early-stage cyber and national security companies. We apply significant resources beyond the check, working hand-in-hand with our entrepreneurs to win and leave a lasting positive impact on the world.

Meet our Companies

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Remote workforce marketplace that deploys military-connected professionals to enterprises worldwide, contributing $1 Million a month to military family bank accounts.
Protecting planes, trains, tanks and other operational technology from cyber attack through continuous data monitoring.
Third-party vendor risk management platform ensuring internal and external risk and compliance assessment best practices in days not months.

Military veteran-led platform that automates value-based care management & access to social services. 

Military veteran-led company enables consumers to donate directly to retail thrift store supply chain.

Cybersecurity software that automatically enforces and remediates technical security controls in a DevSecOps platform. 

Fintech for charities and financial institutions to modernize the giving ecosystem.  Founded by a local Baltimore team.  Acquired by RenPSG.

Artificial Intelligence-enabled, multi-spectral, wide-range sensors for drones & aircraft that pre-process collected imagery for analysts. 

A BI Ops solution that enables teams to bridge the gaps in their business intelligence environment.

An HR compliance knowledge center that provides easy accessibility and legal guidance to relevant federal, state, and local employment and labor laws. 

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