Overwatch Imaging


delivering critical intelligence faster through automation


series a


fund I - 2021

Overwatch Imaging develops automated multi-spectral imaging systems and AI-powered software solutions for civil, commercial, defense and intelligence applications.

Human-intensive imaging systems require highly trained and alert observers who are tasked with locating small objects of interest in vast and challenging environments. This manual method of airborne searching can be inefficient, ineffective, labor-intensive, and time consuming. Overwatch Imaging develops software-forward airborne imaging solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies in computer vision, GPU processing, Artificial Intelligence, and sensor fusion to automate critical tasks of sensor operation and data processing, interpretation, and delivery for wide-area search, ISR, and mapping missions.

Combining advanced sensors, edge computing, AI, and data analytics, Overwatch Imaging delivers high-resolution imagery, geospatial intelligence, and actionable insights to empower agencies worldwide by delivering critical information faster through automation.

For more information visit https://www.overwatchimaging.com/.

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