Portfolio Operations

Your team. Our team. The team we are together.

People. Plan. Process.

We're committed to building alongside startup teams as they make the decisions that alter the trajectory of their company. Together, we make a plan to accelerate company growth in 18 months, roll up our sleeves to execute the strategy and open our network to make introductions that matter.

Plan to win.

At Squadra Ventures, we heavily resource post-investment support in order to accelerate company growth, drive revenue, and build businesses that make an impact.

Squadra is the Italian word for team. It encapsulates our commitment to the team of teams philosophy. Success is driven by your team, our team and the team we are when we work together.

From our two-day onsite kickoff through the completion of our 18-month Joint Strategic Plan, we work to drive operational efficiency, an enterprise mindset and a go-to-market strategy that positions companies to win.

Revenue engine that fuels growth.

We work directly with companies to drive a go-to-market strategy that creates a repeatable sales process, and builds a brand that attracts customers to them.

Our team of experienced operators helps companies identify opportunities to work with the federal government, and open up new avenues for commercial growth. Additionally, the Venture Partner Network acts as an expert focus group to consistently evaluate company sales pitches as they evolve, delivering feedback and making intros that lead to highly-qualified leads across the federal and commercial markets.

Together, we’ll go where the market is heading next.

Shared accountability.

We operate on a model of shared accountability between the Squadra team and our portfolio company leadership teams to accelerate growth and create value. Our combined team of teams is built on fierce loyalty, authenticity, and a drive to win over and over again together.

We believe that trust is built in drops and lost in buckets, and we take the responsibility we have to support our founders and their teams and earn their trust seriously. Our entire team has spent time building and leading early-stage companies.  Our team spends a collective 30 hours per company per month providing collaborative support that drives revenue outcomes.

Seed stage, growth mindset.

We support our companies to achieve disciplined operations, professionalized financials, and meaningful strategic relationships not traditionally seen at the seed stage.

Our ability to align on shared goals and objectives with our companies, to directly support their revenue growth and valuation, and to help founders with their first 100 decisions is what sets Squadra apart.

We guide excellent board management so that companies are better positioned for future rounds of funding, diligence and exit. They are better connected to the right strategic partners to drive the outcomes that raise them to the next level.

Introductions that move the needle.

From the right hire to a new customer to a coach that will help level up leadership capabilities, we activate our network to fuel a company’s growth. Our team of connectors can match the business need to the right person, with the goal of driving results.

We have a philosophy of leadership development at every level. From junior sales team members to engineers that are developing their skills, we provide direct mentorship and coaching opportunities through our Operators Network, helping to prepare team members to grow at the pace of their company.

Through the Talent Network, Squadra supports portfolio companies in sourcing excellent talent and making transformational hires. We believe the early team members are just as critical as founders at driving a company’s culture, mission, and success.

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Impact we can measure.

We measure our own impact and success in delivering on our post-investment commitment in partnership to our founders through the Joint Strategic Plan.

Our team aims to deliver meaningful value across each function of the business, including:

Fundraising Strategy and Support 
Board Meeting Prep and Followup 
Leadership Development of Team Members
Hiring, Recruitment, Talent and Culture Initiatives 
Professionalized Finance and Operations 
Business Development and Lead Generation
Go-to-Market Strategy 
Branding, PR and Marketing Initiatives 
Strategic and Tactical Workshops and Seminar Series

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