We invest in companies that protect America.

Early stage startups are advancing capabilities that safeguard our assets, from the battlefield to mission-critical industries.

By investing in cyber and national security, Squadra is committed to fast-growing markets that are pivotal to our nation’s future. With a focus on dual-use technology, we are positioned to unlock new opportunities to put the latest advances into the hands of the people in government and enterprises that need them most. 

Our advantage is rooted in our people, our process and our ability to maneuver and influence a complex ecosystem. 

Squadra has assembled a team with deep industry experience, and a far-reaching network that acts as a force multiplier. Headquartered in Baltimore, we are in close proximity to the center of military decision making, and the hub of cyber talent.

Through the execution of our joint plan, we forge relationships that help startup founders lead the way in the marketplace, and the world.


An increasingly digital world requires new layers of protection.

Technology powers our lives, from the personal devices that help us complete everyday tasks to the systems that control commerce and critical infrastructure. Yet as more processes go digital and a growing number of tools move online, there are more opportunities for nefarious actors to stage disruptive and potentially dangerous cyber attacks. 

Connectivity carries risk. A growing attack surface means adversaries are multiplying at an ever-quickening pace, from nation-states and rogue actors to hobbyists and activists. They are devising threats and exploiting vulnerabilities that are increasingly difficult to decipher and tough to detect.

We need new ways to solve the puzzle. Squadra invests in companies that are putting the pieces together.

Squadra has specialized experience building systems that protect and secure our nation, and our allies. From this unique vantage point into the global cyber landscape, we see the need for solutions that discover, respond to and remediate threats expanding faster than the tools available.

We were on the front lines of cyber before it was called cyber.

We’ve built the tools for protection, from government to commercial, and startups to enterprises. Our team members helped to build the foundation of America’s cyber defense, and grew companies that helped corporations stay secure. We are committed to the mission of safeguarding our nation, and defeating our adversaries across an ever-changing threat landscape.

National Security

Innovation is a national security imperative.

Today’s technology renaissance was seeded by yesterday’s investments from the military-industrial base. From the semiconductor to the internet, investments and insights from the national security establishment ushered in a period of rapid invention that gave America a massive competitive advantage. 

A generation of companies transformed our lives with technology, and birthed an industry that continues to race ahead. Now, the commercial sector is outpacing the government in key innovation areas. Ever-present global competition, especially the rise of China and Russian aggression in Ukraine, has created pressure on the national security establishment to rapidly adopt and integrate emerging technologies at scale. A critical mass of funding, policy priorities and talent is leading to new demand inside the government.

Technology is needed to keep pushing America ahead. Squadra is investing in early-stage companies to provide both the capital and strategy necessary to accelerate growth.

Our team has experience working inside the federal government, with leaders and policymakers who decide what the future of American national security looks like.  

We understand how decisions are made, priorities are determined, and dollars are allocated within the largest customer in the world. 

Early stage companies selling to government customers must navigate an extraordinarily complex sales process, opaque requirements, and cultural obstacles to collaboration. We bring an extensive network with decades of experience in the federal government to help our founders successfully acquire customers, build partnerships, and deliver value within the government and military space.

We are committed to the mission of keeping American warfighters and civilians safe in an ever-changing world. We are continuously engaged in assessing how rapidly evolving technologies intersect with emergent operational needs to create meaningful business opportunities.

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