Relationships that move the needle.

Squadra’s expansive, nationwide network plays a crucial role as we invest in companies, and build alongside founding teams.

Our network is here to support our companies, just as much as it is here to support our team. To strengthen ties between industry leaders and startup founders, Squadra provides programming that provides connections around some of the most crucial aspects of a startup’s growth.

Venture Partner Network

Trusted leaders. Deep diligence. Exponential impact.

Squadra Venture Partners are leading cyber and national security experts who offer analysis through the investment process, and provide support to portfolio companies.

These 50+ leaders bring industry experience, functional ability and relationships that drive Squadra’s competitive advantage in sourcing deals and post-investment operations.

The Venture Partner Network scouts and vets potential investments alongside our deal team, providing technical validation and market feedback during biweekly pitch sessions and deep dives on specific prospective investments. Once a company is in the Squadra portfolio, Venture Partners support customer discovery, competitive intelligence, and business development efforts through feedback and industry connections. Venture Partners have gone on to become formal advisors and portfolio company executives.

Operators Network

The expertise to win. The empathy to coach.

Squadra Operators are experienced executives and startup leaders that have built, led and grown companies.

Available to all portfolio company team members, Operators work 1:1 with team members at our portfolio companies in 6-month deployments as peer coaches and mentors. Operators support management teams by implementing processes and making introductions that lead to sales, and help founders develop as leaders.

Operators work with executive, mid- and junior-level team members across engineering, marketing, sales, operations, and product teams to grow as individual contributors and team members, with an eye both towards improving company performance and individual growth. 

Squadra believes in leadership at every level, and recognizes that professional development is not only one of the most under-resourced opportunities but also the highest driver of talent satisfaction and retention. By supplementing internal portfolio company efforts with external peer coaches, Squadra portfolio companies build leadership capacity at a faster rate and retain institutional knowledge.There are currently over 30 active Squadra Operators and they have worked with team members at every portfolio company.

Talent Network

The skills to grow a business. The people to build a foundation.

Early stage companies offer employees of all backgrounds the opportunity to build a company from the start, and work in a collaborative, dynamic environment. 

Through the Talent Network, Squadra supports portfolio companies in sourcing excellent talent and making transformational hires. We believe the early team members are just as critical as founders at driving a company’s culture, mission, and success. If you’re interested in working at a startup and aligned with our mission in the cyber and national security space, we’d love to connect you with our companies. 

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Join our network of 30,000 contacts interested in working with or supporting Squadra portfolio companies.

Once you join, your information will be accessible to our portfolio companies as they search for great people to join their teams.

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