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fund II - 2022

Primordial Labs builds AI systems that simplify, empower, and accelerate human problem-solving in dynamic environments requiring collaboration between people and machines.

By focusing on the interaction between human operators and AI technologies, the company ensures that cutting edge defense tech keeps operators safe, focused, and effective. Anura, the Tactical AI Assistant, drastically reduces cognitive burden by empowering users to task unmanned systems the same way they coordinate with their human teammates — via conversational, mission-type orders.

Anura combines a natural language interface with a modular autonomy engine to enable warfighters to control unmanned aerial vehicles the same way they coordinate with their human teammates — bringing the human voice to the unmanned systems market. Through conversational voice commands, Anura allows warfighters to stay safe and mission focused while they employ robotic systems. This natural workflow reduces mental burden and ensures unmanned systems are more tightly integrated with existing battlefield processes.

The founding team worked together previously at Lockheed Martin, leading research teams on numerous defense-focused S&T projects, most notably DARPA’s 2020 AlphaDogfight Trials.

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