providing visibility into the world’s XIoT security problem




fund II - 2023

NetRise delivers transformational XIoT security through peerless visibility into the firmware and underlying software components of connected devices.

As threats and vulnerabilities rise across the enterprise, commercial and consumer devices that are connected to the internet and each other are a critical blind spot for security operations and vulnerability management teams. The firmware that powers these devices and allows them to connect to larger systems is critical for integrated functionality but creates a major vulnerability and neglected attack surface.

NetRise has developed a cloud-based SaaS platform that analyzes and continuously monitors the firmware of Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) devices. Leading the market as a software supply chain detection & response platform, NetRise enables device manufacturers and enterprise customers to detect, respond to, and prevent threats throughout their supply chains.This funding will allow NetRise to expand its platform capabilities such as coverage for Windows systems and containers as well as development of additional machine learning models for advanced analysis.

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