With a deep appreciation for leadership, team-building, and the soft side of hard tech, Squadra Ventures is itself a team of founder-operators who believe that exceptional teams are the key to outsized success.

After nine years as an Army intelligence officer, with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, five years as a Founder-CEO of a bootstrapped IT services firm, and five years as a Founder-CEO of a venture-backed cybersecurity product company, Guy Filippelli started Squadra Ventures in 2019 with the goal of building the world-class venture fund and partner that he wish had existed when he was raising capital.

As a result, we invest in highly vetted early stage deals, from our expansive network, and only when we know we can make an unfair contribution beyond capital — where we can dominate, create value, and grind. We do that as a squad.

Meet your people.

Guy Filippelli

Managing Partner
Founder, investor, mentor, and board member. Former Army intel officer with a deep sense of patriotism and a strong believer in integrity. Obsessed with helping entrepreneurs build and run great companies — and making the connections that truly move the needle. Passionate about food, wine, and all things Italian. Perhaps one of the world’s greatest Italian genealogists. Epic bread baker.

Margaret Roth Falzon

Chief Operating Officer
Spent six years building a customer-focused analytics startup and developing the process, tools, and culture needed to scale the business. Ready to work with our portfolio companies as they grow and scale while fostering diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures. Reader of science-fiction, lover of puppies, consistent arguer that all you need to know about starting a company is contained in Cameron Crowe’s masterpiece Almost Famous.

John Timken

Chief Financial Officer

Seasoned finance professional with experience in early stage companies. Dedicated to partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs and founders. A Baltimore transplant looking to lower his golf handicap while also attending kids sports activities. Outside of Squadra he supports organizations furthering the education of students in Baltimore City.

Dan Madden

Principal, National Security

Former Marine, Congressional staff, and think tank alum. Passionate about bringing outstanding tech to those going into harm’s way. Focused on supporting startups ready to do something big for our national security. Side hustle teaching at Columbia University. Hiking with the family or reading military history with the obligatory glass of scotch whenever I can.

Arianne Price

Principal, Portfolio Operations

Former congressional & campaign staffer, fundraiser, and COO of Squadra portfolio company Sicura. Excited to help drive efficiency, growth, and relevance for our portfolio companies. Lover of finding order in chaos, experiencing live music and theater, and dabbling in magic and woowoo. Considering a “revenue cures all ills” tattoo in 2023. 

Isaac Carp, CFA

Senior Investment Associate

Former life on the sell-side and buy-side as a trader and an analyst within equities and fixed-income in the public markets. Upgraded from stocks and bonds to investing in extraordinary people and ideas. From Boston, but does not pronounce “car keys” as “khakis”. Proud Skidmore & Georgetown Alum. Strong believer that energy is contagious.

Amy Fuller

Executive Assistant

Prior to joining the Squadra team, spent the last 10 years supporting the President of All Risks, Ltd. Graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in marketing. A Colorado native who will never stop calling Colorado home (even after living the past 20 years on the East Coast). Loves all things sports, especially cheering on her two kids in all of their activities!

Div Goel

Senior Investment Associate

Spent five years consulting banks, FinTechs, and payment providers on performance improvement and strategic growth initiatives. A persistent learner who is driven by innovation and passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in taking their company to the next level. Dog lover, aspiring world explorer, and occasional poet who keeps an assortment of sneakers and basketballs in the trunk of his car.

Leo Holland

Portfolio Operations Analyst

Recently graduated from Wesleyan University with majors in Economics and History, and currently a Venture For America Fellow. A passion for entrepreneurship and innate intellectual curiosity helps motivate growth amongst portfolio companies and cultivate a keen eye for disruption. A Cleveland native that thinks every year is the Browns year. Skier, Lego master, and local history buff.

Heather Strelczyk

Portfolio Operations Associate

Spent the past six years in asset and operations management working with dynamic companies to create meaningful change, including non-profit fundraising for a relief organization. Excited to expand portfolio operations, cultivate and grow our advisor network, and help our portfolio companies reach new heights. Military spouse who loves to travel and explore, get immersed in local culture and cuisine, and host of the book club Random Readers.

Devan Trammel

Head of Network & Community Initiatives 

Former Air Force Bomb Tech, DoD innovation lab co-founder, and Pentagon tech accelerator designer. Optimizing high-performing teams and scaling dual-use technology are his passion. A life-long learner that believes human connection and collaboration are the key to culture and success in the best organizations. Self-proclaimed Florida man but loves to spend time in the mountains with his family.

Abby Crotteau

Investment & Operations Intern

Current 2nd year MBA candidate at UNC Kenan-Flagler. Previous start-up experience in marketing/business development in the defense tech and healthcare industries as well as management consulting at McKinsey & Co. Inspired by big ideas and passionate founders and excited to work with the current and future defense tech companies. Constantly in search of the next marathon or triathlon to tackle.

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