Prewitt Ridge


empowering cross-functional engineering teams to build complex systems




2 - 2023

Prewitt Ridge integrates complex engineering requirements data across teams to create a digital thread and design complex systems faster, with fewer people, breaking less hardware along the way.

After witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by cross-functional engineering teams to work collaboratively as engineers at SpaceX, Prewitt Ridge founders developed Verve, a product that integrates siloed engineering teams to create a "digital thread" to improve efficiency and lead to better outcomes. Verve by Prewitt Ridge is a platform that manages the messy human layer of engineering, generally considered “Requirements Management.” Verve drastically decreases time-to-market for critical world-changing products that are needed to solve extinction-level events in energy, climate, transportation, and aerospace.

Prewitt Ridge has taken a radically different approach to digital engineering and the product solves a common pain point across the full-spectrum of the U.S. government and military and commercial sectors. The ability to unite engineering teams, automate design processes, and democratize data will be foundational in helping the U.S. increase its manufacturing output and, ultimately, enhance its national security posture on a global scale.

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