bridging gaps in business intelligence




II - 2023

Datalogz activates best-in-class analytics and reporting environments by bridinging the gap in business intelligence environments.

Datalogz works with enterprise and government customers  across industries to deal with the ever-increasing amount of dashboards and reports in their BI environments, called BI Sprawl. By cleaning up BI Sprawl through automation and identification, Datalogz frees resources, improves performance, reduces risk, and empowers people to make better decisions.

As enterprises invest in cloud migration and digital transformation, the top-down mandate to be “data driven” is nearly universal — but more often than not it results in the generation of hundreds of thousands of reports that go unread, costing companies millions and posing significant risk. Datalogz helps organizations overcome these issues by plugging into the metadata and logs from BI tools to instantly identify and recommend solutions for duplication, misreporting, inefficient queries, anomalies in usage, and unwanted costs.

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